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As a result of the Covid pandemic we are continuing to take actions

to minimise the risk of infection being transmitted into and within our property.

We are letting only two of our four bedrooms at any one time. This will minimise contact between guests.

We have removed non-essential items from our bedrooms including cushions, throws etc.

We have steamlined our tea/coffee tray but all the other usual items are available on request.

Guests are advised to take any unused items with them on departure otherwise remaining items will be discarded.

All bedroom & bathroom surfaces will be disinfected daily and fully aired and disinfected on the guest's departure  

Where operationally possible rooms will be left unlet for at least 24 hours between lets.


Anti-bacterial wipes can be found in each bedroom and wipes and handwash are situated at our front door and in the Breakfast Room.

Breakfast times will be staggered where possible with 15 to 30 minutes between tables being occupied. 

Breakfast order forms for "starters" should be completed the evening before and these will be brought to your table.

Our starter cold buffet will not be available.

Main courses should be ordered off the menu as usual each morning.

All public rooms/areas will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily.

Please bear with us during this trying time and hopefully it will not be too long before we are all back to normal.

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